James Lindsay

Locked Account

Twitter locks account of author and political commentator James Lindsay after he called vaccine passports "systemically racist": Author and political commentator James Lindsay said Twitter locked him out of his account four times for claiming that vaccine passports are "systemically racist." Lindsay said he posted memes calling vaccine passports systemically racist by leftist logic. In a tweet he said he pointed out Democrats that oppose voter ID for being "systemically racist" should oppose vaccine passports for the same reason. He later tweeted that there is even some evidence that vaccine passports may disproportionately effect the black community. He cited a Yahoo!Finance article showing the black community has one of the lowest COVID-19 vaccination rates compared with other racial groups. National vaccine passport mandates would likely show similar results across the country. Not The Bee reported that Lindsay was suspended for 12 hours for "violating the policy on spreading misleading and potentially harmful information related to COVID-19."