James Gagliano

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Retired FBI supervisory special agent James A. Gagliano wrote an op-ed in the New York Post but when he tried to post the piece on LinkedIn, the platform called it spam. 

Gagliano wrote about drastically lowered hiring standards at the Memphis Tennesee Police Department and noted that these changes likely contributed to the tragic killing of Tyre Nichols. LinkedIn removed Gagliano’s post sharing the piece because it allegedly did not “comply with our Professional Community Policies on spam and scams,” according to screenshots tweeted by Gagliano. 

“Unbelievable. I have never posted anything that was flagged EVER,” Gagliano tweeted in response to the censorship. “They’re using ‘spam and scams?’ Makes no sense. This type of censoring always in one direction.”

LinkedIn later restored the post just claiming it was a “mistake.” “Initially, your post was removed for going against our policies,” LinkedIn said in an email to Gagliano according to screenshots he tweeted. “As part of our review, we now find that your post doesn't go against our policies and apologize for the mistake.”