Jack Posobiec


Twitter unbelievably censors Jack Posobiec tweet about Amazon's position on mail-in voting for a union election: In an amazing irony, Amazon has made it known that it opposes the use of mail-in voting for a warehouse unionization election because it is the only way to ensure "associate convenience, vote fidelity and timeliness of vote count." Amazon is owned by Jeff Bezos, who also owns the Washington Post. In August, the Post argued that "there is no 'meaningful difference' between vote by mail and absentee voting." OANN journalist Jack Posobiec took to Twitter to comment on this situation, stating: "The owner of the Washington Post has officially stated that mail-in ballot elections have serious and systemic flaws." Twitter gave this tweet its most restrictive label, which says: "This claim of election fraud is disputed, and this Tweet can't be replied to, Retweeted, or liked due to a risk of violence." This label has previously only been applied to tweets about the presidential election, and it is unclear why Twitter has chosen to use it on Posobiec's tweet, which has no direct reference to the presidential election, but only a comment on Amazon's unionization election. Posobiec noted in another tweet: "Twitter has now censored my post for accurately quoting @JeffBezos’ position on mail-in ballot elections."