Ivory Hecker

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TikTok removed a video talking about how many military members are barred from duties due to refusal of the COVID-19 vaccine: Independent journalist and podcaster Ivory Hecker posted a clip of her "Truth Bombs" podcast on TikTok. According to the Instagram version of the same video, the video was posted under a screenshot of one of Hecker's tweets. In the tweet she wrote "More than 60,000 military members who have refused to get the COVID  vaccine will be barred from duties, the NY Post reports. What does this mean for national security." In the video Hecker said that "close to about 15 percent of that branch of the military [the Army] that is that they just kicked out when this is not even a pandemic anymore." She added that "something else is going on with this massive needle push. I'm just wondering if it's more about loyalty to Biden." She referred to the name of the show "Truth Bombs" in her caption on the post. TikTok removed the video for a "Community Guidelines violation" and "violent extremism," according to purported screenshots posted by a Reddit user.