The Heartland Institute

Sensitive Filter

Twitter censors Heartland Institute tweet about the 2022 election on Election Day:  The Heartland Institute, a national free-market public policy think tank, tweeted about the stakes of the 2022 midterm elections, saying "HeartlandDailyNews: Buchanan: #Democrats, Not ‘Democracy,’ at Risk Today: "Democracy" is not on the ballot. What is on the ballot is a huge slice of the leadership and ruling class of the national Democratic Party. The post Buchanan: #Democrats, Not…" and included a link to the article. The tweet included an image of a donkey and an elephant opposing each other over a background of an American flag. Twitter placed a sensitive content filter over the image. This requires users using the desktop version who have not changed their sensitive content setting to click through the filter in order to see what the user tweeted. For users who have not changed their sensitive content setting and are using the mobile app, they are simply unable to view the tweet without changing the setting. It appears that Twitter has placed an account-level sensitive flag on this user's account, as nearly every media that it tweets is receiving the sensitive content filter. It is unclear what led to this.