Graham Linehan

Locked Account

Twitter censors Irish TV writer Graham Linehan for tweets about transgenderism: Graham Linehan is know for creating such TV shows as The IT Crowd and Father Ted, as well as for being an anti-transgender activist. Twitter censored two of his recent tweets on the issue, according to purported screenshots he provided on his Substack. The tweets read: "No disagree. When you call him she you're letting him into the category of 'woman,' which is an insult to every women you know. Men with mental problems are not women." and "The incoherence of this movement. It's mental illness when they want it to be, until it's suddenly a slur to call it mental illness." Twitter claimed these tweets violated its rules, but did not state which rule. The platform typically refers to the its rules against hateful conduct when it censors transgender-related tweets. Linehan's account was locked until he deleted the tweets. Linehan indicated in his Substack that he would not delete the tweets to unlock his account, but the tweets are no longer on his feed.