Gov. Ron DeSantis

Sensitive Filter

Twitter places sensitive content filter on livestream from Florida’s Governor about explicit books found in schools: The unverified DeSantis War Room account tweeted a screenshot on March 8 with the comment, “Gov. DeSantis' press conference on the Book Ban Hoax was being live-streamed on social media and carried live by local news. The stream was CUT because the books (found in schools!) were too explicit. Sensitive Content warning on Twitter. But liberals insist it's good for kids?” The screenshot showed a March 8 tweet from Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’s verified account, @GovRonDeSantis, which included livestream called “Exposing the Book Ban Hoax.” The screenshot showed a sensitive content filter intersitial that some users must click through in order to view the livestream. The video filter continues to cover the video as of March 9. Local media also reportedly cut the feed of DeSantis exposing the sexually explicit content in books given schoolchildren.