Gov. Kay Ivey


Facebook unpublished Alabama Governor Kay Ivey's campaign page then promptly restored it once it received backlash for its actions: Facebook unpublished Alabama Republican Governor Kay Ivey's campaign Facebook page after she pushed back against President Joe Biden's COVID-19 vaccine mandate announcement. The campaign page posted a graphic that read "Joe Biden threatens governors: 'If these governors won't help, I will use my powers as president and get them out of the way.'" She captioned the post saying "You bet I'm standing in the way. And if he thinks he's going to move me out of the way, he's got another thing coming. I'm standing as strong as a bull for Alabama against this Washington overreach. Bring it on." The campaign told FOX10 News that "Facebook originally said they unpublished the page because of ‘harassment and bullying,’” according to a FOX10 News report. The news organization alleged that the page was "flagged as an imposter account," according to Facebook. Facebook allegedly maintained “the Governor’s campaign page was mistakenly restricted for less than an hour for reasons unrelated to any posted content,” according to FOX10 News.