God's Food Pantry


Facebook censors Christian food pantry over a cartoon bird. Yes, really: In another case of Big Tech algorithms gone wrong, a Christian food pantry in Kentucky called "God's Food Pantry" was censored by Facebook because it featured a cartoon bird. In July 2021, the organization made a Facebook post with details about an upcoming distribution date. The post started by saying, "The early bird catches the worm." The post included a cartoon of a blue bird wearing bunny slippers, holding a coffee cup, and checking its watch. According to user-generated screenshots, Facebook later claimed that the post violated its "Commerce Policies on animals." The post was deleted, and the organization appealed. According to reporting at a local Fox TV affiliate, the organization's page was removed from Facebook after the appeal was reviewed. After getting media and elected officials involved on behalf of the food pantry, Facebook restored the page. The page was reportedly down for several days. It is clear that this was a mistake, and the page should have been restored on appeal if it had actually been reviewed. This raises the question of how Facebook appeals are being judged.