Gina Carano


Twitter user discovers search results for Gina Carano severely limited on platform: A user going by the name thatstarwarsgirl77 noticed that search results on Twitter for former Mandalorian star Gina Carano, who was pushed out of her role in the series by the left's radical cancel culture mob, were practically nonexistent. The user posted a screen recording of Carano's search results that seemed unusual to her. "So I viewed @ginacarano’s profile from my account vs logged out. Her profile didn’t even show up when I searched it I had to manually type in her full handle name and select the profile tab. This is insane @Twitter," thatstarwarsgirl77 tweeted. These results are confirmed by, which show Carano is suffering under a "search suggestion ban."Carano's profile is also hidden behind a sensitive content filter which asks users to confirm they want to view the actress's profile before it is presented to them. All of these clues point to the "shadowbanning" of Carano's profile by Twitter, as Reclaim The Net has reported. "Shadowbanning" is the act of suppressing content and accounts without the accountability of letting users know that they, or their content, is being suppressed. This means "shadowbanning" is hard to detect unless another user notices it.