General Mike Flynn

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X community adds a context note to Gen. Mike Flynn post: General Mike Flynn posted in response to a post from Julie Kelly condemning Gov. Ron DeSantis for "ignoring J6 defendants in his state." Flynn posted: "Thank God for @julie_kelly2 and her relentless and courageous determination in pursuit of the truth about J6 and all those persecuted and still awaiting persecution. Thank you Julie for standing in the  on behalf of those that can’t speak for themselves. @RonDeSantis and team, you need to smarten up and help these Floridians who continue to be targeted by the DOJ because of their presence at the Capitol on J6. @LauraLoomer fyi And #AshliBabbitt was murdered." X added a label to the post that read "Readers added context they thought people might want to know." The added context read, "The alleged crimes on January 6, 2021, were committed on federal property in DC and therefore, as the Governor of Florida, DeSantis has no jurisdiction over any federal cases."

The label is part of X’s Community Notes system. X users are able to sign up as contributors to add context to posts. X owner Elon Musk recently shared that any post with a Community Note added to it will be demonetized. The Community Notes account on X also posted to explain that notices will now be pushed to users that previously engaged with a post about any Community Notes added to it after the engagement.

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