Free Speech America

Sensitive Filter

Twitter censors MRC's Free Speech America graph showing results of poll regarding biological men competing in women's sports: The Media Research Center's Free Speech America (@FreeSpeechAmer) shared the results of a recent MRC poll on Twitter, and it got censored. The poll asked the question, "Should biological men be allowed to compete in women's sports?" The results of the poll along with the question were presented in an infographic, with a graph showing that 53% of respondents said no, 32% said yes and 16% said they don't know. Free Speech America tweeted the infographic, commenting "The media doesn't want you to know what the majority of the public actually thinks about trans-athletes." Twitter initially placed a sensitive content filter over the infographic. Users on the Twitter app whose settings restrict sensitive content would not be able to view the content, and users on the web platform would be required to click through the filter in order to view the graphic, thus limiting the reach and engagement of the post. It appears that Twitter has since reversed its decision and the filter has now been removed.