Fr. Joseph Krupp


Twitter censors popular priest for a misunderstood tweet: In another likely case of Twitter's algorithm being unable to process context, it has restricted the popular account @Joeinblack, otherwise known as Father Joseph Krupp. He has been unable to tweet for more than a week. According to a screenshot shared by the person he was tweeting to in his offending tweet, he was accused by Twitter's algorithm of violating its "rules against abuse and harassment." The problematic tweet read: "Gotta love the people so worried about health that they make jokes about concussions, hope your family gets sick & say all the crappy things they say to you, proving it might not be about health but about compliance." This mention of concussions was in relation to football, which he tweets about often. It is difficult to find a way that the tweet in question constitutes "abuse and harassment." It rather seemed to be discussing people who are abusive and harassing to other users. According to the screenshot, he was required to delete the tweet in order to unlock his Twitter account, and was likely then placed into a read-only account restriction for an unknown length of time.