Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission


Facebook tags post of dead whale from Conservation Commission with 'sensitive content' interstitial: A post from Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) containing an image of a deceased baby whale was tagged as "sensitive content" by Facebook. The image, which Facebook covered with an interstitial that must be clicked-through in order to view it, showed the deceased whale with deep propeller marks it had sustained on its back from a boat. Injuries which are believed to have led to the whale’s death and that the FWC feels the public needs to see. "We were surprised. We didn’t know [the image] would be censored in that way," FWC spokesperson Kelly Richmond said. "We really feel there’s an educational moment here," Richmond added. "But who are we to monitor community standards? That’s Facebook’s business. But we do feel we have a purpose behind this photo. It’s impactful to see what had happened to this whale." Facebook pointed to its policy on graphic and violent content, which notes that the platform includes "a warning screen when there is content involving animals showing wounds or cuts that render visible innards or dismemberment," according to First Coast News. Richmond said FWC disagreed with Facebook's rationale for censoring the image. "The reason is that right whales are critically endangered. Fewer than 400 of them exist, and that 'vessel strikes are possible. There’s an opportunity for us to be vigilant and careful when we’re on the water,' Richmond noted," according to First Coast News.