Five Times August


YouTube demonetized singer/songwriter Five Times August, would not give a straight answer explaining why: A singer and songwriter who performs under the name Five Times August released a music video for a song about Dr. Anthony Fauci called "Sad Little Man" on YouTube. The song criticized Dr. Fauci and his inflated power and media influence. The platform demonetized the video and gave a few different reasons for doing so, according to the artist's screenshots. The earliest screenshot that the music artist tweeted showed that YouTube claimed the "video is running limited or no ads due to content identified as not suitable for most advertisers." Five Times August appealed YouTube's decision, but one of YouTube's human reviewers upheld the demonetization because the video allegedly contained "[h]armful or dangerous acts," according to a screenshot. The screenshot also show that YouTube's policy covers videos that "[f]ocus on accidents, pranks, or stunts that have health risks, like drinking or eating non-edibles; or discussions of trending videos that show this type of content," but YouTube did not explain how the video violated the rule. YouTube also replied to one of the music artist's tweets and claimed that "the video is ineligible for full monetization due to the content (which includes metadata) containing Medical Misinformation."