Fenix Ammunition


Apply pay restricts sales of online ammunition manufacturer and retailer: Apple has pressured Shopify to stop accepting payments for purchases of products from Fenix Ammunition, an online ammunition manufacturer and seller. "Our partner's at Apple are constantly monitoring the products and types of business we are supporting on Shopify," a message from a spokesperson at Shopify told the ammunition retailer. "Apple has identified that you may be selling a product that can't be support [sic] on the Apple Pay Gateway. Due to the terms of agreement with our partners at Apple, we are unfortunately unable to accept payments for Weapons." As a result, Shopify informed Fenix Ammunition that it would be disabling Apple Pay on the company's account. Apple pay isn't a payment processor, but it does enhance sales by streamlining payments, allowing customers on Apple devices to make quick and easy purchases, according to Reclaim The Net. "According to Shopify, this streamlined Apple Pay checkout process can boost merchant conversion rates," reported Reclaim The Net. Financial censorship has been growing recently, with payment processors like PayPal and Stripe, as well as online retail platforms like Shopify, showing clear political bias against Trump supporters, or anyone who isn't a liberal.