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Sensitive Filter

An article from The Federalist about the media avoiding Hunter Biden's corruption scandals that would implicate his father Joe Biden has been marked as sensitive content on Twitter. The article titled, "Media Is Avoiding Hunter Biden's Corruption Scandals That Implicate Joe" criticizes the media for failing to report on a $3.5-million wire transfer that Hunter Biden received from the wife of a Russian politician. "Four years ago, not reporting such a story was a possibility too absurd to even contemplate — but then again, no one would have predicted the candidate with the shady Russia ties is not Donald Trump, but Joe Biden." Author Mark Hemingway wrote. Adding this sensitivity tag to posts linking to this article will reduce its exposure across the platform. In March 2020 Twitter briefly locked The Federalist's account for tweeting an article that promoted herd immunity because it went against global recommendations related to the coronavirus.