Fabrizio Gatti


Ad campaign for Italian author's book that suggested COVID-19 may have originated in a lab blocked by Google: An ad campaign for Fabrizio Gatti's new book "The infinite error. The secret story of a pandemic that was to be avoided" was blocked by Google for not staying within the bounds of its ad policies on "sensitive events related to Covid-19." Gatti is an Italian journalist who in his new book "documented the responsibilities of the Chinese regime, allied governments and the WHO in the delayed response to the Covid-19 pandemic," which he argued could have, and should have, been avoided. An Italian news outlet reported that Gatti appeared on a podcast available on YouTube to promote his book, but "after various unsuccessful attempts, it was impossible for the owner of the podcast to proceed with the 'advertising sponsorship' of the video in question," the article stated. "We inform you that, following the appeal made by our staff, the department confirms the disapproval of the video of the 'pdr Gatti' campaign for sensitive events related to Covid-19," Google replied in a message, according to the article.