Eric Spracklen

Permanent Ban

Twitter bans Project Veritas' Chief of Staff Eric Spracklen, citing "ban evasion" in an attempt to evade labels of censorship: In February 2021, Twitter permanently banned Project Veritas, and in April 2021 the platform also banned its founder James O'Keefe. Social Media and Communications Director Eric Spracklen has maintained his own Twitter account, which dated back to at least 2017 according to screenshots taken by, before he worked for Project Veritas. A screenshot taken Dec. 31, 2021 showed that his account was not verified, and that he noted "Views are mine." Twitter took temporary actions against his account on several occasions in 2021. However, his account was not permanently banned until Jan. 11, 2022. Twitter's reported reasoning for the ban, however, was "ban evasion," according to screenshots shared by other accounts. It is unclear what ban this five-year-old account was evading but Twitter is most likely now labeling Spracklen's account as a proxy account for Project Veritas, as he continued to tweet out information that the guerrilla journalism organization put out. In fact, his account was disabled shortly after he posted the group's latest exposé, which allegedly revealed documents that were purportedly leaked from DARPA. The documents allegedly contradict Dr. Anthony Fauci's sworn testimony before Congressional committees regarding the NIH funding gain-of-function research on coronaviruses. Twitter could have claimed many other violations for removing Spracklen, such as its policy against the distribution of hacked material that it used liberally to suppress the New York Post's verified story about Hunter Biden's laptop, or its frequently-used COVID-19 misinformation policy. Instead, it seemingly accused Project Veritas of ban evasion and using Spracklen's account as a proxy to distribute its content even though Spracklen has had the account since before working at Project Veritas and the account has never been verified by Twitter as being related to Project Veritas.