Eric Spracklen

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Locked Account

Twitter locked Project Veritas' Eric Spracklen's account after he posted the organization's #ExposePharma video: Eric Spracklen runs the "" Twitter account and has helped post the organization's content on Twitter since Project Veritas and James O'Keefe were kicked off the platform. Spracklen posted Project Veritas' latest video, which exposed an alleged Johnson & Johnson scientist heavily implying he would not recommend the company's COVID-19 vaccine for a 12-year-old, and claimed he does not think young children need a vaccine. However, he claimed school-aged children "should get it just out of [their] civic-- [their] civic duty." The scientist also suggested that in his opinion, the unvaccinated should be treated like "second grade citizen[s]" with a limited ability to travel or find employment. A business lead for Johnson & Johnson also admitted that the repercussions of the vaccines are unknown, while both employees agreed that the push for young children to receive a COVID-19 vaccine is likely about money. Twitter locked Spracklen's account for 12 hours because he allegedly "violated Twitter rules" when he posted the #ExposePharma video, according to a Project Veritas GETTR post. Similar restrictions usually result in an inability to tweet, retweet, follow other users, or like other users' posts during the 12-hour restriction period.

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