Epoch Times


YouTube demonetizes controversial news outlet the Epoch Times: The Epoch Times is affiliated with the controversial Falun Gong religious movement. The Falun Gong movement holds a powerful anti-communism stance due to the intense persecution they faced from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). The Epoch Times seems to have found a place in right-wing American politics, mainly due to a shared distaste for communism and the CCP. Just The News confirmed with YouTube that the Epoch Times has been demonetized on its platform "over issues related to harmful or sensitive content." The Epoch Times will be allowed to appeal its suspension after 30 days if all underlying issues have been rectified. For the time being the Epoch Times will lose all revenue being made from videos on YouTube. "All channels on YouTube need to comply with our Community Guidelines, and in order to monetize, channels must comply with the YouTube Partner Program policies, which include our Advertiser-Friendly Guidelines," the spokesperson told Just The News. "Channels that repeatedly violate these policies are suspended from our partner program."