Dr. Zubin Damania

Deleted Content

TikTok censors pro-COVID vaccine doctor critical of the booster shots: Podcaster and medical professional Dr. Zubin Damania, who goes by @ZDoggMD on social media, posted a clip of his podcast to TikTok. Dr. Damania argued that President Joe Biden's push for all Americans to get booster shots of the COVID-19 vaccines undermines the messaging claiming that the vaccines are effective. He critiqued the government's response to the virus and speculated on a better mode of action. He said, "What they should have said is get vaccinated. We turn this thing into a cold. It's not perfect. If you're really old, you're immunocompromised, here's a third dose that will, you know, give you that extra jazz." TikTok removed the video due to an alleged "Community Guidelines violation," according to screenshots tweeted by Dr. Damania.

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