Dr. Scott Atlas

Deleted Content

"Dr. Twitter" knows best? Twitter censors White House Coronavirus advisor Scott Atlas for post with solid scientific backing: Scott Atlas, the latest addition to the White House's team of scientists and doctors advising on coronavirus, was censored by Twitter for a post about mask usage. In two tweets, Atlas wrote the following: "Masks work? NO: LA, Miami, Hawaii, Alabama, France, Philippines, UK, Spain, Israel. WHO: 'widespread use not supported' + many harms; Heneghan/Oxf CEBM: 'despite decades, considerable uncertainty re value'; CDC rvw May:'no sig red'n in inflnz transm's'; learn why." and "That means the right policy is @realDonaldTrump guideline: use masks for their intended purpose - when close to others, especially hi risk. Otherwise, social distance. No widespread mandates. #CommonSense." Twitter believes that it knows better than Atlas about this issue, and demanded that he delete these tweets before he could regain access to his locked Twitter account. Atlas provided support for all of the claims in his tweets in an e-mail to The Federalist, which you can read about here. In short, his tweet was laying out the results of studies from several different studies, all which fail to support the widespread mask mandates that have been a large part of the standard policy "solution" for the virus to date. Atlas since deleted the tweets so that he could access his Twitter account again.