Dr. Roy Spencer


Meteorologist Dr. Roy Spencer said Google demonetized his website for "'unreliable and harmful misinformation'": Meteorologist Dr. Roy Spencer said on his blog that his website was "demonetized by Google for 'unreliable and harmful claims.' This means I can no longer generate revenue to support the website using the Google Adsense program," Spencer said. Spencer had been reportedly getting "Google warnings for a couple months now about 'policy violations,' but nowhere was it listed what pages were in violation, and what those violations were." Google had announced a new policy in October, 2021 that would prohibit people "from being able to monetize their content on its platforms via ads or creator payments," according to Axios. Spencer said that the information Google provided about the violations was based on his "(UAH) monthly global temperature update pages. This is obviously because some activists employed by Google (who are [sic] probably weren’t even born when John Christy and I received both NASA and American Meteorological Society awards for our work) don’t like the answer our 43-year long satellite dataset gives," Spencer remarked.