Dr. Robert Malone


LinkedIn bans mRNA vaccine scientist Dr. Robert Malone: Dr. Robert Malone, credited as the inventor of mRNA vaccine technology, broke the news in his Substack newsletter on Thursday. “[L]ast night LinkedIn decided I was not a fit human to be on their platform,” Malone wrote. “In another blink of an eye of big tech, [LinkedIn] flushed my 30,000 connections and de-platformed me. No explanations, no warnings were given.” The news comes as Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube have all made efforts to remove him and his interview appearances from their platforms. Malone did not appear to know what specifically caused the most recent LinkedIn ban. “I can say that I rarely post anything on [LinkedIn] that is controversial anymore, since they de-platformed me, re-instated me and then apologized for it last summer,” he wrote on Substack. LinkedIn restricted his account in June for allegedly posting misinformation, however his account was reinstated just over a week later. Malone commented on LinkedIn's ban on his account, saying "I will not let my voice be silenced, because the cause is too great. I can only hope with the [L]inkedin censorship: my voice, your voice - all of us will unite and find a common path forward to stop the propaganda madness being driven by the oligarchs who control big tech, big media and big pharma.” LinkedIn did not respond to CensorTrack's request for comment by the time of publishing.