Dr. Rich McCormick

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Facebook takes down — then reinstates — political ad from Republican congressional candidate: Dr. Rich McCormick is a Republican running to represent Georgia's 7th congressional district in 2022. A campaign ad from McCormick, which criticized President Joe Biden's policy towards Afghanistan, was temporarily removed from Facebook until the platform reinstated it. "I have been censored by Facebook and prohibited from sharing my views on the Biden Administration’s disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan for an alleged violation of Facebook’s 'Disruptive Content' policy," McCormick wrote in a Facebook post. An ad on Facebook can be considered "disruptive" and "low quality" if it includes "link[s] to external landing pages that have a high ad-to-content ratio, lead to an unexpected experience, feature minimal original content, or contain disruptive or low quality ads," the platform stated in its notice purportedly sent to McCormick after it took down his ad. McCormick's ad linked to a Fox News article, which others have speculated was the reason for Facebook's initial removal of the ad. "It is not clear whether Facebook has an unstated policy that targets Fox News or whether the ad violates a different rule about political advertising," The Washington Free Beacon's Santi Ruiz reported. The Free Beacon said that shortly after the publication of its report, a Facebook spokesperson told the outlet that the ad was taken down by mistake and had been restored. "This ad was incorrectly taken down and quickly restored," the Facebook spokesman reportedly said. "Our enforcement is never perfect since machines and human reviewers make mistakes, but we're always working to improve."