Dr. Mobeen Syed


Medical lecturer has all of his videos in which he mentions the medication ivermectin demonetized by YouTube: Dr. Mobeen Syed, a medical lecturer and founder of a personalized medical education company called DrBeen Corp, said that YouTube demonetized 54 of his videos, all of which included his mentioning of the medication ivermectin. "All are medical concept videos for education. No conspiracy. Just medical concepts," tweeted the drbeen Twitter account. For some reason, the use of alternative medicines such as ivermectin has become politicized by the left. "You remain one of the most educational and unbiased providers of sound science about SarsCoV2 and Covid19. That’s truly criminal," tweeted a user in regards to YouTube's demonetization of Dr Syed's videos. "History is full of so many lies. It’s controlling narrative that is heard most of the time."