DPRK News Service


Twitter censors popular satire account for "impersonation": DPRK News Service, a popular satire Twitter account that made fun of North Korea and US policies through the lens of North Korea, was locked out of its account after Twitter accused if of violating its rules against impersonation, according to screenshots the owner of the account shared. The account owner noted that they were "not going to label a parody a parody. That moots the point. It gives away the joke." Twitter seemed to indicate that it was something in the account's bio, which read "Official News feed of Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea," that was the problem. However, the issue seemed to have been resolved the following day, when the account tweeted: "UNITED STATES COMPUTER COMPANY BOWS BEFORE UNITED KOREAN PEOPLE AND 300,000 STRONG WORLD JUCHE MOVEMENT! 10,000 YEARS OF LIFE TO MARSHAL KIM JONG-UN!" In two subsequent tweets also seemingly taking aim at Twitter, the account wrote: "Ministry of Culture bans parody," and "Access to US social internet service 'Twitter' suspended in Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea. 'Twitter' may apply for reinstatement, pending compliance with reasonable guidelines and published rules."