Doctors for Covid Ethics


Twitter locks account of Doctors for Covid Ethics, forces group to delete tweet before restoring its ability to use account again: Doctors for Covid Ethics is made up of doctors and scientists from around the world who have insisted that not all of the evidence of COVID-19 vaccine dangers has been "appropriately" ruled out. "Not a month on Twitter & we were locked out of our account, forced to delete our pinned tweet. We must self-censor or be banned says Twitter (paraphrasing)," the group tweeted. "We mustn't contradict official sources. But our letters contradict official sources. With good reason. Which we can't tweet." The "letters" refer to two open letters the group wrote to the European Medicines Agency regarding COVID-19 vaccine dangers. In the letters, Doctors for Covid Ethics insist that the risks of clotting, bleeding and platelet abnormalities after receiving a vaccine were not adequately ruled out in legitimate empirical trials prior to human use. After Doctors for Covid Ethics deleted its offending tweet, Twitter returned the group's account to full functionality. Typically, locked accounts cannot tweet, "like" other's tweets or gain new followers, only direct messaging is allowed by accounts that Twitter has locked.