Dead Name documentary

Deleted Content

Vimeo removes independent film on parents’ struggles with trans-identifying kids: Video platform Vimeo deleted an indie documentary, “Dead Name,” that featured the struggles and concerns of three parents worried by their children’s identifying as the opposite sex, The Daily Wire reported. “We can confirm that Vimeo removed the video in question for violating our Terms of Service prohibiting discriminatory or hateful content,” Vimeo told Daily Wire. “We strive to enforce these policies objectively and consistently across our platform.” The Broken Hearts film account that posted the film has been erased too. Documentary director Taylor Reece reportedly said sales of the documentary, originally released Dec. 20, actually increased after it moved to another platform due to Vimeo’s censorship. “The film is the opposite of hate speech,” Reece said. “It’s love speech. In no way do any of these three parents, who tell the story of what it’s like when their child starts a journey toward transition, spew hate or dogma. Their stories are painstakingly personal, and at times unimaginable.” A mother was worried that her 4-year-old son wanted his private parts surgically altered, another mother said Planned Parenthood prematurely prescribed her daughter testosterone during a Telehealth meeting, and a father believed cross-sex hormones hurt his son who died at just 18 while fighting cancer. That’s what Vimeo considers “hateful content.” Reece said, “Unfortunately, there are factions out there who do not want this narrative and they have perfected the playbook on getting work like this ‘canceled.’”

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