Daniel Horowitz


Twitter placed sharing restriction on Daniel Horowitz tweet about hospitalized vaccinated COVID-19 patient: Twitter placed a sharing restriction on one of Blaze Media podcaster Daniel Horowitz's tweets. The offending tweet read: "Dealing with another fully vaccinated patient with sats in the 70s now in Hopkins ICU getting crappy treatment. The family just reached out to me. @GovLarryHogan stop lying about the statistics. 72% of covid deaths in UK were vaccinated from 49-52 weeks." Twitter placed a warning label over the tweet calling it "Misleading," and encouraged users to "Learn why health officials recommend a vaccine for most people." The platform also put a sharing restriction on his tweet preventing users from commenting on, liking, retweeting or sharing the tweet. Users could only quote tweet Horowitz's tweet. It has been reported that this tweet led to Horowitz receiving a week-long account restriction, but as of publication, the tweet has still not been removed so this is not clear. It is possible that Horowitz has not removed the tweet at Twitter's demand because he is appealing the ruling, or that he is just refusing to remove the tweet for other reasons. Twitter typically requires users to remove offending tweets in order to unlock their accounts, then their prescribed account restriction begins. No other information about this incident has been made available at this time.