Dana Loesch

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Twitter censors Dana Loesch for sharing a link to her own reporting about the NY Post Hunter Biden expose: Conservative commentator Dana Loesch found her Twitter account locked out after sharing a link to her own article about the NY Post's Hunter Biden bombshell story. Along with the link, she said the following: "I wasn't even sure whether or not I believed how the laptop came to light, but the way that Big Tech is reacting to this story only makes it all look more credible, not less, regardless of the details." Her article has images of some of the e-mails from the NY Post article, which seem to be the excuse that Twitter gave for requiring Loesch to remove the tweet before she could regain access to her account. In Twitter's words, her tweet (article) violates its "rules against posting private information." Twitter separately addressed this in a tweet about its censorship of the NY Post article itself, saying that "images contained in the articles include personal and private information - like email addresses and phone numbers - which violate" Twitter's rules.