Dan Bongino

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Dan Bongino says he is through with Twitter after being suspended again: Conservative commentator and partner in Parler and Rumble Dan Bongino says he has been suspended from Twitter for the last time. He tweeted out a copy of President Trump's comments in which he stated that he will ensure a peaceful transfer of power, saying "Twitter wouldn't let President Trump post it himself." This is because Twitter had suspended President Trump for the first time over a video in which he told protestors to go home, calling for peace, law and order. Bongino included a link to that video in his tweet to give context as to why Trump was unable to tweet the message himself. Twitter, in an effort to scrub all instances of this video that they claim was inciting violence, required Bongino to remove the tweet and locked him out of his account for twelve hours after. Bongino announced on Parler that he would make one last post on Twitter when his suspension was up, and would thereafter cease tweeting to his 2.8 million followers. It is presumed that his last message will indicate that his followers should find him on Parler.