Dan Bongino

Civic Integrity Notice

Twitter censors video from Trump legal team presser: Dan Bongino attempted to share some video from the Trump legal team presser on Twitter. His Tweet said that Rudy Giuliani was on fire today. He included a video clip of Giuliani excoriating the press for censoring information about election fraud, and then reading from a sworn affidavit from a poll worker in Michigan alleging that she was instructed to back date ballots. Twitter added a note to this tweet that "This claim about election fraud is disputed." The warning links over to a general page filled with stories that say that experts have found that election fraud is not widespread. In other words, this page is filled with generalizations and in no way address the sworn affidavit that Giuliani read from, but leave users with the impression that her sworn testimony is incorrect. Additionally, when attempting to re-tweet Bongino's tweet, another warning message pops up that says: "This claim about election fraud is disputed. Help keep Twitter a place for reliable info. Find out more before sharing." There is a link to the same page the other warning goes to, and then an option to quote tweet the tweet instead. Simply re-tweeting it is not an option, though once at the quote-tweet screen, a user may choose not to add any text to it before tweeting it out.