Account Terminated

YouTube deletes channel run by 'Gingers Do Have Souls' guy, admits error and later restores: CopperCab, who rose to fame with his infamous "Gingers Do Have Souls" video, was quite emotional after YouTube abruptly deleted his account for purportedly violating its hate speech guidelines. "I feel so lost right now. My channel was just terminated suddenly and I feel like a piece of me has been cut out. I’ve been on YouTube since 2010," tweeted CopperCab. YouTube did not identify exactly what content from CopperCab violated their guidelines. "I’ll take down whatever it was that was deemed a violation," CopperCab said in a tweet containing screenshots of the notice he received from YouTube. "I’ve never intended to cause any problems." While YouTube initially refused to restore CopperCab's account following his appeal, it did ultimately make an about face and restored his channel, admitting the termination was done in error.