Chrissy Clark


Twitter removes Chrissy Clark's tweet and restricts account: Twitter restricted Daily Caller education reporter Chrissy Clark, as reported by the Daily Caller. Clark claimed Twitter removed a tweet about her article “Wisconsin Education Department Promotes ‘Gender Expansive’ Resources For Three-Year-Olds." Clark told the Daily Caller that Twitter prohibited her from tweeting until she deleted the tweet. According to the Daily Caller, the tweet allegedly violated Twitter's Rules against "violence, terrorism or extremism abuse or hateful conduct." MRC Free Speech America confirmed that Twitter removed one of Clark's posts for violating the Twitter Rules. Clark declined to provide screenshots to corroborate the Daily Caller's reporting. However, journalist Colin Wright tweeted a purported screenshot showing the censorship notice and deleted tweet, which read "GROOMING ALERT! The Wisconsin Dept. of Public Instruction has created a guide for 'gender expansive' PRESCHOOLERS The guide dubs parents 'trolls' and 'jerks' if they refuse to use 'they/them' pronouns or allow their kids to read books about trans toddlers." Twitter did not respond to MRC Free Speech America's request for comment at the time of publication. Clark is reportedly awaiting the results of an appeal.