Chandler Crump


YouTube Removes Christian Rapper Chandler Crump's Official Video for "Let's Go Brandon" Song, Calls It "Medical Misinformation": Christian rapper Bryson Gray debuted a new video featuring Tyson James and Chandler Crump called "Let's Go Brandon." Within just a few days, YouTube had removed the lyric version of the video, citing its "medical misinformation" policy. After posting about it on Twitter where he predicted that the official video would soon be removed as well, some of Gray's followers tagged YouTube. The platform replied, stating that it would "re-review" the video. Less than a day later, the official video in fact was also removed. The video was also removed from Tyson James' channel, though it is unclear if this also led to a suspension of his account. The only other official copy of the video on YouTube, Chandler Crump's, was subsequently removed by YouTube as well, leading to a second strike on his account and a two week suspension, according to screenshots he shared on Twitter.