Candace Owens


Conservative commentator Candace Owens said Facebook has locked her out of her account for 24 hours: Candace Owens took to Twitter to let everyone know that Facebook had temporarily suspended her from its platform for 24 hours over a post that shined a light on what really motivates Big Pharma. The post was deemed by Facebook to be "False, Harmful, Information," according to Owens' tweet about the incident. "Big Pharma tells pregnant women that one glass of wine or unpasteurized juice (which they make no profits from) can be harmful to their unborn chilld—but an experimental, non-fda approved vaccine with no long term trials (which earns them billions) is perfectly safe. LOL," read the rule-breaking Facebook post, according to Owens. On Twitter she questioned the platform's move. "Is the vaccine fda-approved? NO," Owens said. "Are women not told to avoid wine and non-pasteurized juice while pregnant? STOP BIG PHARMA CENSORSHIP." Owens is currently suing Facebook's fact-checkers, and in a follow-up tweet noted that incidents like this "just help my case."