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FEE Journalist Says TikTok Censored Pro-Rittenhouse Video for 'Harassment'

Autumn Johnson

In the latest example of Big Tech censorship, Foundation of Economic Freedom Policy Correspondent Brad Polumbo accused TikTok of removing a pro-Rittenhouse video. TikTok's reasons? Not surprisingly, they appeared to be incredibly vague.

The video, posted by Polumbo discussed the left’s hypocrisy in slamming the jury’s not guilty verdict.

Rittenhouse was acquitted last week.

Polumbo said that TikTok, removed the video for “harassment” and “bullying,” but that no further explanation was provided.

“⁦.@tiktok_us⁩ took down this video of me defending Kyle Rittenhouse, citing “harassment and bullying. WTF?” Polumbo tweeted along with the video in question. “I will be appealing.”

Polumbo appealed the removal, but he said TikTok denied the appeal and provided no further explanation as to who was harmed by the video.

“AND MY APPEAL HAS BEEN DENIED... Lmao,” Polumbo tweeted after the platform denied his appeal.  “@tiktok_us @TikTokSupport this is a joke and an embarrassment for y'all.”

Some on Twitter pointed out the inconsistencies in TikTok’s policies.

“TikTok has inconsistent policies,” one user tweeted. “They take down mildly provocative content often, but recommend actual Nazi videos in my feed.”

“TikTok is controlled by the CCP [Chinese Communist Party] good luck with your appeal,” another user added.

TikTok has been criticized by the Left and the Right. Members of both political parties have concerns that TikTok obtains the private information of users in the United States at the behest of the CCP.