Bitcoin Magazine

Account Terminated

YouTube terminated Bitcoin Magazine's account for no apparent reason: Twitter founder Jack Dorsey tweeted a YouTube video April 7 of the Bitcoin 2022 Conference and captioned it: "best 'why bitcoin' intro and panel I've seen." Bitcoin Magazine, the original uploader of the YouTube video, tweeted a snapshot of Dorsey's tweet midnight April 8: "BREAKING! @YouTube has suspended our account with no warning again. This time in the middle of @TheBitcoinConf at midnight. Please help us get the channel back asap!" Bitcoin Magazine's account had at least 85,500 subscribers at the time of the incident. The video Dorsey tweeted had an interstitial placed over it, which read: "This video is no longer available because the YouTube account associated with this video has been terminated." Dorsey responded to the censorship: "[W]hat was the reason behind this?"

YouTube responded to Bitcoin Magazine's complaint and claimed the account was terminated in error and restored it to active status:

"Update - your channel was incorrectly terminated and we've now reinstated it. So sorry this happened!! Our support team will follow up via email with more information."

Bitcoin Magazine's video was also restored following the incident.