Billboard Chris

Locked Account

Twitter censors user Billboard Chris for quote tweeting an image of an arm during phalloplasty surgery: Twitter user @BillboardChris quote tweeted another user's tweet that contained a graphic image taken during a gender reassignment surgery. Chris described the photo in his tweet, saying "This is an arm during surgery to harvest tissue for the creation of a phallus for a young woman. The rest of the arm is covered by the surgical sheet. This procedure is advertised by children's hospitals." While the original tweet containing the graphic image was not censored by Twitter at the time of publication, Chris's tweet was flagged, according to a purported screenshot shared by user @Tyler2ONeil, as "gratuitous gore." Chris's account was locked until he deleted the tweet. Twitter's notice expanded on its rule, stating that "[y]ou may not share excessively graphic media (e.g., severe injuries, torture). Exposure to gratuitous gore can be harmful, especially if the content is posted with intent to delight in cruelty or for sadistic pleasure." It is unclear why Twitter presumes to know the user's intent, or that it was for such nefarious purposes.