Billboard Chris

Sensitive Filter

Twitter censors tweets sharing videos from Boston Children's Hospital discussing juvenile gender transition surgeries: The Twitter account known as Billboard Chris shared several videos from Boston Children's Hospital that featured staff members discussing the process of surgical transition for underage children. Twitter censored three of these tweets with sensitive content filters. When viewed on the desktop version, it was only the video that was covered and users could click to view what was being hidden by the interstitial. However, when viewed on the Twitter app, Chris's entire tweet was covered by the interstitial and users were unable to click to view the tweet. Users must instead change their settings in order to view everything that is marked as potentially sensitive content, which also includes pornographic images that are not banned on Twitter and gore, along with anything else Twitter deems to be sensitive. The use of such filters greatly diminishes the reach of such tweets, especially by users of the app who have not changed their default settings.