Bill Muehlenberg

Account Disabled

Facebook bans Australian Christian Commentator without explanation: Bill Muehlenberg, a Christian apologist, ethicist and cultural commentator in Australia, said he his Facebook account was disabled without explanation. MetroVoice reported that over the last ten years "On a number of occasions... Bill found himself in what he called 'Facebook prison,' banned from posting on his page for 30 days for various alleged infractions." Muhlenberg himself explained on his blog CultureWatch, "At first I was told, 'You can’t go live or advertise for 90 days.' But now it seems my entire page and everything else has been completely obliterated." His Facebook page no longer exists and the old link now leads to a page that reads "This page isn't available[:] The link may be broken, or the page may have been removed." It is unclear exactly why Facebook disabled the account but Muhlenberg wrote that his latest posts were about "lockdowns in the People’s Republik of Victoria.... genuine questions about Rona alarmism and panic porn, and about how we are clearly heading for things like mandatory vaccinations and vaccine passports."