Ben Kew

Locked Account

Twitter locks Ben Kew's account for condemning 'Trans Day of Vengeance': Twitter locked RedState editor Ben Kew's account for condemning a post that was promoting a Trans Day of Vengeance. He said, "They don't want justice they want VENGEANCE! Also, what is this genocide they speak of?" Twitter flagged the tweet for violating one of the platform's rules, according to screenshots provided by Kew. In an tweet about the incident, Kew said, "Twitter locked my account for reposting an image shared by trans activists promising a 'TRANS DAY OF VENGEANCE' and questioning what they mean by a trans 'genocide.' Are we not allowed to call out the dangerous rhetoric of trans activists?" It appears Twitter censored every post about the Trans Day of Vengeance, even if the post criticized the event. Twitter VP of Trust and Safety Ella Irwin tweeted that "The graphic was reported by a high number of users across our platform yesterday and yes, I'm sure the timing of that was due to heightened sensitivity to the language, given the tragic events in Nashville. We always evaluate tweets driving a sudden spike in user complaints."