The Babylon Bee


Facebook limits monetization on Babylon Bee parody music video calling out the BLM riots: The Babylon Bee posted a music video called "Seasons of Blood: 525,600 Minutes of BLM Riots" which parodied Seasons of Love (525,600 minutes) from the Broadway musical Rent. The song called out the overblown media response to the January 6, 2021 Capitol riot and the utter lack of an equivalent response to the BLM riots the year before. The video pointed out that 22 people were killed by BLM rioters, that hundreds of black businesses were destroyed by the riots and that Kamala Harris raised $35 million to bail criminals out of jail. Facebook made the video's monetization limited "due to one or more policy violations," according to a screenshot tweeted by the Bee's CEO Seth Dillon. Dillon said that the satire outlet has "earned only $153 from [its] videos on Facebook this month--Despite having an audience of 1 million people..." The Babylon Bee is a member of MRC's Free Speech Alliance.