The Babylon Bee


Email marketing company Mailchimp suspends The Babylon Bee's account in error, CEO Seth Dillon Says The Bee will no longer use Mailchimp's services: The Babylon Bee, a Christian satirical news site based out of Upland, Calif. (Congressional District 31), has repeatedly been targeted by Big Tech censorship, and now its account with Mailchimp was reportedly suspended by accident. Mailchimp is a marketing service that allows companies and individuals to create unique email campaigns that can be sent to customers. "I’d email everyone to let them know @Mailchimp just suspended our account but Mailchimp just suspended our account," tweeted Dillon, alongside a screenshot of the notice Mailchimp sent to The Babylon Bee alerting them of the suspension. Surprisingly, Mailchimp actually responded to Dillon's tweet: "Hey Seth. We got this in front of our Compliance team and they’ve reinstated the account. Our team followed up in an email with more details. We apologize for the inconvenience." But Mailchimp crossed the line for the final time with Dillon. "Thank you, but we're moving to an email service provider that doesn't make these 'mistakes,'" The Babylon Bee CEO responded to Mailchimp. "We'd also prefer to be on a platform that doesn't censor conservatives for being 'hateful' or 'misinformative.'"