The Babylon Bee


Facebook deletes another Babylon Bee post, claiming it could lead to "physical harm": In yet another stunning case proving that Facebook has absolutely no sense of humor, they have once again deleted a post from Christian satire site The Babylon Bee containing a link to one of its articles. The post that was axed this time included a link to a Bee article headlined, "Dr. Fauci Reminds Everyone That We Will Only Have To Wear Masks Until Humans Evolve Organic Face Coverings At Birth." In The Babylon Bee's Facebook post of the article, it highlighted the following quote: "As soon as humans naturally evolve an organic nose and mouth covering at birth, then we can start dialing back on the mask mandates." Facebook was not amused. It deleted the post, citing its "Community Standards on misinformation that could cause physical harm." The notice elaborated that, "[w]e encourage free expression, but don't allow false information about COVID-19 that could contribute to physical harm." It is unclear what about this obviously satirical article might cause anyone actual physical harm. Facebook needs to reevaluate the way it treats clearly satirical content. The Babylon Bee has never pretended to be anything other than satire, even starting a separate "Not The Bee" brand to cover actual news, yet it continues to be censored on a regular basis.