The Babylon Bee

Deleted Content

Facebook deletes post from The Babylon Bee and restricts its monetization abilities, later reverses decision: Facebook deleted a post from the Christian-satire news site The Babylon Bee, which contained a satirical graphic poking fun at the comical propensities of the left's rioting activists. Facebook also restricted some of The Bee's monetization tools as a result of the post's purported violation. Kyle Mann, The Bee's editor-in-chief, tweeted about the situation and posted screenshots of the notices Facebook sent to The Bee. The notices indicated the post went against the platform's community standards on coordinating harm and promoting crime. "Facebook is penalizing @TheBabylonBee for 'coordinating harm and promoting crime' for our satirical post MAKING FUN OF THOSE WHO RIOT," Mann tweeted. "We appealed the decision but were told it was unlikely we'd receive a response." Facebook indicated in its notices sent to The Bee that it had "fewer reviewers available right now because of the coronavirus outbreak," so the platform may not be able to respond since it's prioritizing content that presents the greatest chance for harm. However, Facebook eventually responded and accepted The Bee's appeal, which allowed the post, as well as The Bee's monetization abilities, to be reinstated. "While we're glad this one got cleared up, it was only because of our high profile and ability to make a stink on other social sites that Facebook even took notice and agreed to review," Mann said in a follow up tweet after Facebook had accepted The Bee's appeal. "If we were a lesser-known satire page, there's not a chance we would have gotten this outcome."