Austin Petersen

Live Stream Suspension

Facebook censors radio host and former presidential candidate Austin Petersen for comments about Kyle Rittenhouse: Austin Petersen, who previously ran for president and for senator in Missouri, was prevented from live-streaming for 90 days by Facebook, and from managing his professional page for 30 days, according to a screenshot he shared. The post that resulted in his account restriction was a comment on the Kyle Rittenhouse trial, in which he said: "I see a lot of people trying to say Rittenhouse isn't a hero. That's wrong for many reasons. But mainly he's a hero now because the right to self defense is on trial and his problem is our problem. His fate is our fate." It is unclear exactly what rules Facebook claims this post violated, but Facebook has been censoring much of what is being said about Rittenhouse, as are other social media platforms. Petersen shared a screenshot of the appeal that he filed with the Facebook Oversight Board for redress of his account censorship.

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