Ashley St. Clair

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Instagram deletes screenshot of a tweet empathizing with Kyle Rittenhouse: Eighteen-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse was charged with first-degree murder after he killed two men and injured another purportedly in self-defense during one of the 2020 Antifa riots in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Ashley St. Clair, the Director of Operations for Arsenal Media Group, posted a screenshot of a tweet she wrote empathizing with Kyle Rittenhouse, who broke down while giving his testimony during his trial. She tweeted, "Absolutely heatrbreaking--- this young man is clearly traumatized from nearly losing his life. Kyle Rittenhouse did nothing wrong." According to her screenshot, St. Clair captioned the post that included a screenshot of the tweet saying: "I STAND WITH KYLE WRITTENHOUSE. Kyle Rittenouse is very clearly suffering from PTSD. The vile comments about him faking it are the same type of comments used to invalidate victims of sexual assault & other traumas. It's aggressor-enabling rhetoric." Instagram removed the post claiming that it "[went] against [its] guidelines on violence or dangerous organizations."